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What is MACTRO SMS Broadcaster?

MACTRO SMS Broadcaster is a Portable Emergency Messaging Device designed for Government and Military use during crises. It is powered by a complex software algorithm and next generation RF computer hardware. MACTRO is a product of extensive engineering and years of R&D.

How does it work?

This unique equipment has the ability to digitally acquire the identity of the surrounding mobile phone devices within its radius and can directly transmit SMS alert or advertising messages bypassing your regular network provider. The equipment is standalone and do not require cooperation with any cellular operators.

What is the use of the equipment?

It is mainly designed for Disaster, Calamity, Emergency and for General Alert Messaging. It is also an effective solution for Location Based Advertising and Targeted Marketing Campaign for private venues and events.

Do I need a sim card or Internet to operate the unit?

This equipment does not require SIM cards or an internet connection and also does not utilize your provider's cellular network. The machine operates independently and is designed to work in the event all cells-sites are down.

How much is the charge for every message I send?

The text messages originate directly from the equipment, therefore you can send unlimited SMS with no cost.

Can I broadcast a Branded senders name?

Yes, you can define the senders ID either a Brand, a Number or both.

What type of cellphone, brand or network can I broadcast?

MACTRO can effectively penetrate upto 95% of all mobile devices, regardless of the brand, model, network operator and band. MACTRO has multiple signaling that penetrates GSM, UMTS, 3G and LTE enabled devices.

Do I need to get a license to operate the machine?

Depending on which country you are. Most customers we cater are government authorities. The technology is new and we suggest you to inquire from your local authorities.

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